Bahadur Singh of Salem OR

Founder of Dasmesh Charitable Hospital.

Tag: Sikhism

one beat dasmesh darbar

One Beat Dasmesh Temple in Uttar Pradesh

How do you give back to your community?   Bahadur Singh replenishes the hometown that raised him in India. Listen to Bahadur Singh’s inspiration: One Beat Dasmesh Hospital (OBDH) provides quality care with integrity to the rural population Bhira Kheri, Lakhimpur District in the state of Uttar Pradesh.┬áServing a massive 170 km radius with over […]

holla mohalla horse

Celebration of Holla Mohalla

Holla Mohalla is celebrated one day after Holi, on the first chet month.┬áRecently, the Indian Government has accorded Holla Mohalla national festival status. It was started by Guru Gobind Singh ji 10th, Sikh guru at Anandpur Sahib in Punjab to reaffirm fraternity and brotherhood and reminding people of “valor and defense preparedness,” concepts very dear […]

The Sikh Festivals: Baisakhi

How do you celebrate the New Year? Perhaps you trek to Times Square in New York City to watch a crystal ball drop from the top of a building. Maybe you sip champagne with friends at a party, happy to be surrounded with those you love and admire. If these celebrations occur on the night […]

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