Bahadur Singh lives in Salem, OR. Here he is involved in his local Dasmesh Darbar Sikh Temple and operates the One Beat Dasmesh Charitable Hospital in Uttar Pradesh.

Bahadur Singh of Salem, Oregon is a business owner, founder of One Beat Dasmesh Charitable Hospital. He is deeply committed to serving his community with friendliness, kindness, and compassion.

Dashmesh Darbar Sikh Temple

Success in business was never Bahadur Singh’s only interest. In 2006, he and some of the other prominent members of the Salem Sikh community founded the Dashmesh Darbar Sikh Temple to support Sikhs in the community. The temple is open daily for the public to meditate and to enjoy the food and tea. They host festivals and community celebrations. Bahadur served as the president of the temple during its opening and for many years after. His strong commitment to his community can clearly be seen in the plentiful service projects in which he participates. Some such services include providing a $5 health clinic for the community on a monthly basis, and taking Indian meals to a local shelter.

Early Life

Born in Punjab and raised on a farm in Bhira, Uttar Pradesh, India, Bahadur Singh moved to the United States in the early 1990’s for the same reason that many others do – to search for a better life and brighter future. Though he came with not much, he soon found the opportunities he was looking for, and with hard work and perseverance he quickly became successful. First moving to California’s Bay Area, Bahadur worked several odd jobs, including at convenience stores, fast food chains, and a skin care company before moving to Salem, OR in 1999 for a business opportunity. This business opportunity, the chance to purchase a building on Center Street in Salem, grew into the convenience store chain Center Market.

Growing up on a farm, the inner farm boy still exists in Bahadur. He loves to be outdoors, in the field, nurturing plants and flowers. Bahadur Singh is an entrepreneur and founding the Sale, Sikh Temple Dasmesh Darbar and One Beat Dasmesh Charitable Hospital. These have become wonderful outlets for him to engage with the community, outside of business ventures.

Bahadur Singh thrives when engaging in hands-on projects. This is why he travels frequently to work at the hospital, spending time in person with his associates. In his free time, he will always continue to work in the garden, do his own plumbing and seek out the waves of the ocean. Bahadur is truly a compassionate man, attracting many to his positive attitude through his smile.

He currently lives with his wife, extended family, and four lovely children in West Salem, Oregon.

One Beat Dasmesh

Bahadur Singh Salem OR Dasmesh

Another such project is the One Beat Dasmesh Charitable Hospital.

Bahadur Singh conceived the idea for One Beat in the year 2012 when his father passed away. In order to cherish his father’s memory and serve the people in his hometown at the same time, he founded One Beat. This is currently the only medical facility in Bhira Kheri. One Beat provides around the clock medical care and emergency health services to needy patients. The health providers focus on delivering the highest levels of treatment. They provide free eye glasses, medications, and more. Under Bahadur’s direction, One Beat is constantly looking for new ways to serve the community. Mr. Singh currently devotes the majority of his time to this project.

Bahadur loves to inspire others to achieve the same entrepreneurial success he has achieved. Check out his tips for success.